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=== Introduction ===

'''Real-time Preview''' feature allows to perform tracking in real-time speed and instantly transfer motion to a 3D character for live preview right at the time of recording.

This feature allows [[iPi Recorder]] to communicate to [[iPi Mocap Studio]] software in a way similar to [[Distributed Recording]] to send data necessary for tracking. [[iPi Mocap Studio]] performs tracking and motion transfer at real-time speed. Feature benefits:
* User can see how the motion will look like on a 3D character at the time of performance.
* Ability to improve motion accordingly at the time of acting and recording without the need to redo multiple iterations of recording and offline tracking.

=== Overview ===
The feature works like this:
* [[iPi Recorder]] broadcasts data necessary for tracking via network.
* [[iPi Mocap Studio]] connects to broadcasting [[iPi Recorder]] to start receiving data.
* [[iPi Mocap Studio]] performs tracking and motion transfer to a 3D character.
* Live tracking results can then be stored to disk for additional offline post-processing.

=== Recording ===

* Prepare for recording as usual and click '''Start Broadcast''' button. 
*:{{Note|If you use [[Distributed Recording]] first connect to slaves and click '''Start Broadcast''' button on master computer.}}
* Computer(s) will switch to '''Broadcasting''' mode. You can change network adapter used for communication in necessary.
* To stop broadcast, you need to click '''Stop Broadcast''' button.

=== Realtime Preview ===

* Run [[iPi Mocap Studio]] and click '''Live''' button at the toolbar to enter live mode.
* Specify actor height at '''Actor''' tab.
* If you use multiple sensors for recording, load scene at '''Scene''' tab.
* (Optional) Select target character for motion tranfer at '''Export''' tab.
* Press '''Connect''' button at '''Live''' tab.
* Press '''OK''' button at '''Select Recording PCs''' dialog.
* Live tracking and motion tranfer will start. 
* You can specify path and filename template to record results of live tracking. [[iPi Mocap Studio]] will record ''.iPiMotion'' file, [[iPi Recorder]] will record ''.iPiVideo'' file.
* Press '''Start Recording''' / '''Stop Recording''' to start / stop recording ''.iPiVideo'' and ''.iPiMotion'' files. 
{{Note|'''.iPiMotion''' and '''.iPiVideo''' files will have the same name, but path to '''.iPiVideo''' file is set in [[iPi Recorder]]]. }}
* Press '''Disconnect''' to stop live session

=== Create New Project from Live Session Results ===
It's as simple as this &amp;mdash; open recorded ''.iPiMotion'' file in [[iPi Mocap Studio]].
{{Tip|If ''.iPiVideo'' file resides in different directory you will be asked to find it manually.}}</rev>
      <page pageid="368" ns="0" title="Recommended Layout of an Action Video">
          <rev contentformat="text/x-wiki" contentmodel="wikitext" xml:space="preserve">=== Recommended Layout of an Action Video ===

* Enter the actor. 
* Strike a T-pose.
* Action</rev>