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    <querypage name="Ancientpages">
        <page value="20141022085404" timestamp="2014-10-22T08:54:04Z" ns="0" title=".iPiVideo File Extension" />
        <page value="20141022090056" timestamp="2014-10-22T09:00:56Z" ns="0" title=".iPiMotion File Extension" />
        <page value="20141022142739" timestamp="2014-10-22T14:27:39Z" ns="0" title="Changes in Price and Licensing" />
        <page value="20141028123956" timestamp="2014-10-28T12:39:56Z" ns="0" title="System Requirements Links" />
        <page value="20141030182209" timestamp="2014-10-30T18:22:09Z" ns="0" title="OpenNI" />
        <page value="20141031094246" timestamp="2014-10-31T09:42:46Z" ns="0" title=".iPiLocked File Extension" />
        <page value="20141101181059" timestamp="2014-11-01T18:10:59Z" ns="0" title="Automatic Refinement and Filtering" />
        <page value="20141101192504" timestamp="2014-11-01T19:25:04Z" ns="0" title="Laptops with Switchable Graphics" />
        <page value="20141102085813" timestamp="2014-11-02T08:58:13Z" ns="0" title="iPi Recorder Description" />
        <page value="20141102090115" timestamp="2014-11-02T09:01:15Z" ns="0" title="Actor Clothing Kinect" />