Processing Video from Depth Sensor

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  • Run iPi Mocap Studio
  • Press Ctrl+N or push New button on toolbar to create new project (1)
  • Choose recorded *.iPiVideo file
  • After video opened, background will be calculated automatically and position of camera will be detected based on floor plane.
  • Make sure, that floor is detected correctly:
    1. Right mouse button down on 3d view port area
    2. Move mouse, as a result 3d scene will be rotated
    3. Right mouse button up
    4. Visually control that 3d points from floor are located on ground plane which is marked by squared grid
Note: You always can get back to the camera point of view by pressing 1 key on keyboard or pushing “Camera 1” button on toolbar
  • Save created project by pressing Ctrl+S or pushing button Save on toolbar (2)
  • Position timeline slider to the frame where actor is in T-pose (3)
  • Adjust actor height using appropriate slider on tab Actor (4)
  • Select Move tool on toolbar. (5)
  • Move actor model to left or right to match roughly actor silhouette on video.
Note: Actor model can look smaller due to its position along axis of view. Don’t pay attention to it on this step.
  • Switch to Tracking tab and push Refit pose button. (6)
  • As a result model should be matched with actor image from video. If it does not happen then delete result using item Edit > Delete pose from main menu and repeat above actions.
  • Using the slider right to the button Show Skin in toolbar, make sure that morph of model corresponds to the actor image (7). If no, than adjust chest/bust/waist/hips/belly morph using appropriate sliders from Actor tab.
  • Set the beginning of Region-of-Interest (ROI) to the current frame with T-pose by pressing I key on keyboard or by double-clicking on the left edge of ROI bar under timeline (7).
  • Switch to Tracking tab, change tracking options (Head tracking, Shoulders and Spine) if required (8).
  • To start tracking just push Track Forward button (9).
  • Wait and watch...