Licensing Policy

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License Types

License activation

  • We use online license activation system for iPi Mocap Studio and iPi Biomech Add-on.
  • Activation and deactivation of license keys is handled via Help > Manage Licenses menu item in iPi Mocap Studio.
    • iPi Mocap Studio license can be activated via Help > Manage Licenses > Main menu item.
    • iPi Biomech Add-on license can be activated via Help > Manage Licenses > Biomech menu item.
  • After installing the software the system will ask you to activate the license key.
  • Each license key has subscription period, which starts from the date of the license key's initial activation.
Note: If the key is deactivated, this does not suspend subscription period and does not affect key expiry date.
  • After license key expiration you need to activate another license key to continue using the software.
  • License key is locked to a computer it has been activated on. The system checks your hardware configuration.
  • To move your license key to another computer, please deactivate it on computer you're currently using, install the system on a new computer and activate the key again.
  • We also have option of offline activation for those who do not have live Internet connection.
  • If your computer is out of order and you cannot deactivate the license, please send request for manual deactivation to our technical support service.

iPi Mocap Studio and iPi Biomech Add-on Licensing Policy:

  • License is not transferrable to other person or company. So you should not give your license key to a friend, collegue or business partner. One license should be used on one computer. If you need to have the system on several computers, we offer volume discounts.
  • iPi Biomech Add-on is optional. You can use iPi Mocap Studio without iPi Biomech Add-on license.
  • iPi Biomech Add-on requires activated iPi Mocap Studio license key.
  • Free trial can be used only once and only for 30 days. Setting computer clock to a point in time in the past or getting trial license to a different e-mail is a violation of license terms.
  • We reserve the right to ban license key if customer abuses license terms.
  • You can find detailed terms in iPi Studio EULA (End-User License Agreement) that comes with the software.

iPi Recorder Licensing Policy:

  • iPi Recorder is a free application and you can run it on any number of computers.
  • You can find detailed terms in iPi Recorder EULA (End-User License Agreement) that comes with the software.