Migration to V3 from Older Versions

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Here you will find important information for owners of iPi Motion Capture versions 2.x or 1.x who are interested to work with Version 3.

Licensing Policy

  • Lisense keys of version 2.x or 1.x will not work with version 3. You need a separate license key to activate version 3 (V3).
  • V3 license is time-limited. 1 year- and 3 months- subscriptions are available. See details here: Licensing Policy
  • Those who purchased version 2 starting from July 1st, 2014 will get free 1 year subscription for V3. We will be sending 1 year license keys for those customers shortly after V3 release.
  • The rest of 2.x / 1.x owners will get 50% discount for 1 year subscription to Version 3. To request the discount coupone code, please email us and provide with your 2.x / 1.x license key. If you lost it, please provide us maximum information regarding your purchase.
  • 30-days trial for V3 is independent of trial for 2.x / 1.x. So you can try Version 3 even if your 2.x / 1.x trial has expired.


  • Version 3 can be downloaded from http://ipisoft.com/download.
  • You can install and use it on the same computer with 2.x / 1.x.
  • All drivers previously installed for 2.x / 1.x will be used by V3. You will only be asked to upgrade Kinect SDK to 1.8 if you have Kinect SDK installed.

User Tips

  • Version 3 uses new project files formats (.iPiMotion or .iPiCalib instead of former .iPiMocap). Project files of version 2.x can be opened in iPi Studio 3 and saved to the new format.