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Multiple GPUs in iPi Mocap Studio

With Pro Edition, you can use multiple GPUs to speed up tracking. You should be aware of the following limitations:

  • You can use only 1, 2 or 4 GPUs inside one PC. Other configurations (for example, 3 GPUs) are not supported.
  • Dual-GPU video cards like NVidia GTX 690 work in iPi Mocap Studio in the same way as 2 separate GPUs. The same instructions are applicable to such cards.
  • For best efficiency, all GPUs must be of approximately the same performance. iPi Mocap Studio cannot balance load for multiple GPUs with different performance levels, so mixing low-end and high-end GPUs will result in very poor performance.
  • Due to synchronization overhead, performance scaling is not linear. Performance gain diminishes with the number of GPUs. Using second identical GPU will speed up tracking approximately by a factor of 1.6 (instead of factor of 2, as one might expect).
  • Performance gain is more noticeable for large number of cameras (for example, 8 cameras). If you are using just 1 Kinect camera (or other single depth sensor), you may experience negligible performance improvement from a multi-GPU configuration.
  • Combining multiple low-end GPUs makes little sense. You may achieve much better performance by upgrading to a single high-end gaming GPU like NVidia GTX 780.
  • Multiple GPUs usage is available only in Pro Edition. In other editions you can try this functionality but in this case all results will be saved in restricted trial format which prohibits export of result animation.

How to Configure Multiple GPUs

To configure your multiple video cards for use in iPi Mocap Studio, you should perform the following steps:

  1. Disable SLI or Crossfire
  2. Restart iPi Mocap Studio. Now it should be able to use your additional GPUs.
How to disable SLI (click to enlarge)
How to disable Crossfire (click to enlarge)