Processing Video from Multiple PS Eye Cameras

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  • Adjust the Region-of-Interest (ROI) (2). (Region of Interest should cover the part of video that contains the motion).
  • Go to T-pose frame. Using character Move/Rotate controls, roughly align the model with the image of actor in one view (3).
  • Adjust character height and proportions (on Actor tab) to correspond to actor (4).
  • Push the Analyze Appearance button on Actor tab to automatically adjust model's colors.
Note: For the multi-camera video, Analyze Appearance button uses only one (current) camera. This makes it easier to align model with image. You can refine actor appearance by alternating Refit Pose and Analyze Appearance. Also you can edit the colors manually or with the eyedropper tool.
  • Go to the first frame of Region of Interest (ROI) (5).
  • Push the Refit Pose button on Tracking tab (6).
    • If initial pose was recognized incorrectly, you can roughly adjust it manually and use auto-fit again.
  • Push the Track Forward button on Tracking tab (7).
Note: You can save your motion capture project to a file. If your project is saved to a file, then the system will auto-save it after each processed frame during tracking.