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Note: Feature is available in Basic and Pro editions only.

iPi Mocap Studio is capable of realtime streaming of character's pose over network. This can be used to preview captured motion in an actual game scene inside the Unreal editor or Unity editor.

Usage in Mocap Studio

To start streaming, go to the Export tab and press Start Streaming button. While streaming is active any changes to a pose of the actor in Mocap Studio (playback, tracking, manual edit etc.) are sent to the local network. If there is a target character applied for an actor then the program streams poses of that target character otherwise it streams poses of the actor model. To stop streaming press Stop Streaming button on the Export tab. Streaming also stops automatically when a project is closed.

Note: Streaming of multiple actors is not currently supported. In multi-actor projects, it streams an active (currently selected) actor.

Streaming protocol broadcasts UDP packets to a certain port on the local network. By default, the port used is 31455. You can change this value in Streaming Settings dialog which opens when you press a "gear" icon on Start Streaming button.

Tip: You may need to adjust firewall settings to allow outgoing connections to this UDP port.

Usage in Unreal

To get data streamed by iPi Mocap Studio into Unreal Engine please follow instructions below.

1. Install iPiMocapLiveLink plugin.

1.1. Download iPiMocapLiveLink plugin via links below.

Download: UE 4.25 -; UE 4.24 -

1.2. Unpack downloaded archieve into Engine\Plugins folder of you Unreal Engine installation. The folder iPiSoft will be created with subfolder iPiMocapLiveLink that will contain the plugin binaries and source code.

2. You will then have to activate installed plugin in your project.

2.1. (Re)start the Unreal Editor.

2.2. Open Plugins window via Edit > Plugins menu. Select Animation category.

2.3. Enable iPiMocapLiveLink and Live Link plugins.

2.4. Restart the editor by pressing Restart Now button.


3. Installed plugin will provide Live Link Source you can use to get animation data from iPi Mocap Studio. You can further use standard Live Link features to apply animation data to your character.

4. Instuctions for quick test. We used ThirdPerson project template.

4.1. Start streaming in iPi Mocap Studio as expained above. You need to use UE4 Mannequin Rig. if you use standard Unreal character. You can import your own rig into iPi Mocap Studio if you use custom rig.


4.2. Connect to iPi Mocap Live Link source in Unreal Editor. Live Link Subject should appear in subjects list.

Note: Don't forget to start animation playback or live tracking session inside iPi Mocap Studio. Otherwise nothing will be streamed and subject will not show.

4.3. You can then use Live Link Pose blueprint to animate your character. Don't forget to select Character Live Link subject to feed in animation data.