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Here you can find history of recent versions of iPi Mocap Studio.

iPi Mocap Studio has built-in auto update functionality. Auto update feature is configured so that checks for update are made once per day. It helps to reduce the start time of the application. If you want to update ASAP — you can use the Help > Check for Update menu item.

Note that both these features require Internet connection. Alternatively (in case of troubles with auto update), you can download and run the updated installation program from our website.


Nov 03, 2014
Download-24.png  Download

First public release of iPi Mocap Studio 3.

If you're user of iPi Studio 2.x or iPi Studio 1.x then please visit Migration to V3 from Older Versions article.

 N E W    F E A T U R E S:

  • Kinect for Xbox One / Kinect 2 for Windows support.
  • Improved calibration.
    • More reliable
    • Faster
    • Automatic ground detection
    • Calibration quality feedback
  • Improved tracking for arms and legs.
  • Redesigned user interface
  • Migration to DirectX 11
  • New project file formats: (.iPiVideo), (.iPiCalib), (.iPiLocked), (.iPiScene). Old projects can be opened and stored to the new format.
  • Comprehensive progress indicators
  • Improved user interface for animation export and motion transfer
  • More accurate center of mass calculation