Laptops with Switchable Graphics

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Many modern laptops come with the switchable graphics technology. There are two graphics chips inside, one is a low-power integrated GPU and another is a high-performance discrete GPU. When running iPi Mocap Studio on such laptops, you need to ensure that it uses a discrete GPU, otherwise the performance will be poor.

Some laptop models have physical button to switch between GPUs. But on most models, this is configured in the graphics control panel. For NVIDIA-based laptops it's NVIDIA Control Panel, for AMD-based it's Catalyst Control Center. There you can usually set either global usage of high-performance GPU for all programs, or specify which GPU to use on per-program basis.

NVIDIA Control Panel (click here to enlarge)
Catalyst Control Center (click here to enlarge)

A control panel may allow you to choose the program to configure from a list of installed programs, or from a list of running programs. If none of these options is available, then you'll need to get the full path to executable file of iPi Mocap Studio. A simple way to find it out is:

  • open Task Manager application
  • locate process iPiMocapStudio.exe
  • right-click on it and choose Open File Location