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iPi Motion Capture consists of the following products:
free software for making records
paid software for processing records
(free 30-days trial is available)
in-depth biomechanical analysis of human motions
allows to control iPi Recorder and iPi Mocap Studio from external application

Frequently Asked Questions
Licensing Policy

h o t a r t i c l e s :
AI-based Tracking
Real-time Tracking for Live Preview
Animation Streaming to Unreal / Unity
Maximizing GPU Performance

P o s s i b l e   C o n f i g u r a t i o n s :
Multiple RGB Cameras Configuration
PSEyeFlat.png   PSEyeFlat.png   PSEyeFlat.png

The configuration with multiple (up to sixteen) RGB cameras is the most powerful option. It allows you to track very complex motions in a big capture area: up to 20 by 20 feet or 7 by 7 meters.

Web Cameras

Sony PS3 Eye cameras are recommended as they give good-enough quality of video at up to 60 FPS. Logitech C922 web camera is also good option but it is more expensive.

six C922  |  four PS3 Eye
  • System Requirements:
for Recording  |  for Processing
Action Cameras

You can use almost any stand-alone camera models with fixed focus, high FPS and wide view-angle. We recommend GoPro or SJCAM action cameras because of their popularity.

Editions: Basic, Pro   (compare)
Multiple Depth Sensors Configuration
Kinect2Flat.png   Kinect2Flat.png

Multiple depth sensors configuration combines ease of use and flexibility of a single depth sensor with power of multi-camera system. With two or three or four depth sensors like Azure Kinects, Microsoft Kinects 2 (Kinects for XBOX One), or other depth sensors animators can accurately capture complex motions including 360-degrees turns.

two MS Kinects 2  |  two Azure Kinects
  • System Requirements:
for Recording  |  for Processing

Editions: Basic, Pro   (compare)
Single Depth Sensor Configuration

iPi Soft uses its own tracking algorithms that give much better accuracy than other Kinect/Orbbec/Xtion-based motion captures available in the market. This configuration is very easy to use, as it does not require calibration. For those who haven't had experience with motion capture systems before, it is a good option to start from.

single MS Kinect 2  |  single Azure Kinect
  • System Requirements:
for Recording  |  for Processing

Editions: Express, Basic, Pro   (compare)

Common Features for All Configurations
Distributed Recording

Using two or more computers one can record synchronized video from multiple devices part of which are connected to one computer and others are connected to different computer(s).

Motion Controllers

Using motion controllers like PS Move, Wii Remote with MotionPlus and Wii Remote Plus one can track hand, prop and head movements.

Hand Keyframing

iPi Mocap Studio includes keyframing feature to manually set poses for fingers.

Manual Clean-up

Tracking errors usually happen in a few specific video frames and propagate to multiple subsequent frames. iPi Mocap Studio provides capabilities to correct such errors in a manner of seconds.

Automatic Refinement and Filtering

To achieve high quality results one can use build-in motion refinement and filtering tools. This allows to obtain realistic jitter-free animation without need to use special 3d-party packages like Motion Builder.

Animation Export

iPi Mocap Studio can export result animation in various formats including FBX, BVH, Collada, DMX and SMD. Also iPi Mocap Studio supports various rigs and has build-in motion transfer capabilities.

Special Features in Basic and Pro Editions
Real-time Tracking for Live Preview

Real-time Preview feature allows to perform tracking in real-time speed and instantly transfer motion to a 3D character for live preview right at the time of recording. This feature is available only for depth sensor(s) and doesn't support RGB cameras.

Animation Streaming

iPi Mocap Studio is capable of realtime streaming of character's pose over network. This can be used to preview captured motion in an actual game scene inside the Unity editor and Unreal engine.

Pro Edition Exclusive Features
Multiple Actors

Pro edition supports multi-person tracking. This feature allows to track dancing, fighting, etc.
Sample Video and Project

Multiple GPUs

Using Pro edition you can use multiple GPUs to speed up tracking.

Batch Processing

Instead of being "babysitter" for iPi Mocap Studio you can "record" a set of all required actions to batch and then start them by one click.