Maximizing GPU performance in iPi Mocap Studio

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Many computations in iPi Mocap Studio (tracking, jitter removal etc.) are executed on a video card (GPU). Thus, to get maximum processing speed it is crucial to maximize the performance of GPU.

Turning off power management

Modern video drivers usually implement some form of power management. When GPU load is at a relatively low level, video driver decreases working clocks of GPU and video memory. That effectively lowers speed of GPU computations and data exchange with video card. To improve performance of operations in iPi Mocap Studio, this behavior should be turned off. Therefore GPU and video memory clocks will always be at the maximum values when running the program.

Below are how-to instructions for NVIDIA and AMD video drivers.


  • Open NVIDIA Control Panel.

Opening NVIDIA Control Panel.png

  • Edit profile for iPi Mocap Studio application.
    • Set Power management mode to Prefer maximum performance.

Mocap Studio Profile for NVIDIA.png


  • Install RadeonPro if it is not yet installed. This is a free utility for managing profiles of applications for AMD GPUs.
  • Open AMD Catalyst Control Center.


  • Go to Performance > AMD OverDrive.
    • Check Enable Graphics OverDrive.


  • Run RadeonPro.
    • Press Add new profile button in the toolbar.
    • Select iPi Mocap Studio executable in file dialog.


  • In created profile, go to OverDrive tab.
    • Check Enable Graphics OverDrive.
    • Check Always use highest performance clock while gaming.
    • Press Apply changes.