Processing Video from Depth Sensor

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  • Save created project by pressing Ctrl+S or pushing button Save on toolbar (2)
  • Position timeline slider to the frame where actor is in T-pose (3)
  • Adjust actor height using appropriate slider on tab Actor (4)
  • Select Move tool on toolbar. (5)
  • Move actor model to left or right to match roughly actor silhouette on video.
Note: Actor model can look smaller due to its position along axis of view. Don’t pay attention to it on this step.
  • Switch to Tracking tab and push Refit pose button. (6)
  • As a result model should be matched with actor image from video. If it does not happen then delete result using item Edit > Delete pose from main menu and repeat above actions.
  • Using the slider right to the button Show Skin in toolbar, make sure that morph of model corresponds to the actor image (7).
    • If no, than adjust chest/bust/waist/hips/belly morph using appropriate sliders from Actor tab (8).
  • Set the beginning of Region-of-Interest (ROI) to the current frame with T-pose by pressing I key on keyboard or by double-clicking on the left edge of ROI bar under timeline (7).
  • Switch to Tracking tab, change tracking options (Head tracking, Shoulders and Spine) if required (9).
Tip: Check Use fast tracking algorithm (BETA) option to use fast algorithm. This option only affects Track Forward / Track Backward. This algorithm may be less accurate in some cases, but its tracking speed is up to 2.5 times higher, depending on particular hardware and tracking options.
  • To start tracking just push Track Forward button (10).
  • Wait and watch...
Note: Use old tracking algorithm option (11) allows to switch to old algorithm. You can use this in case default tracking crashes (rare case).