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You can export animation from sample project using free trial version of iPi Mocap Studio: see Animation Export article.

If you don't want to install and run iPi Mocap Studio, below you can find sample animation files for different rigs and in different formats. All these files are produced by iPi Mocap Studio from this sample project.

  • Default iPi Rig
FileExtensionBVH.png ↓ BVH Animation ↓
FileExtensionFBX.png ↓ FBX ↓
FileExtensionDAE.png ↓ COLLADA ↓
FileExtensionSMD.png ↓ Valve Source Engine SMD ↓
FileExtensionDMX.png ↓ Valve Source Engine DMX ↓
  • Motion Builder
FileExtensionBVH.png ↓ BVH Animation ↓
FileExtensionFBX.png ↓ FBX ↓
  • 3ds Max Biped
FileExtensionBVH.png ↓ BVH Animation ↓
  • Source Film Maker and Valve Source Engine
FileExtensionSMD.png ↓ Droid Character in SMD Format ↓
FileExtensionDMX.png ↓ Spy Character in DMX Format ↓