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Note: Handy feature-wise comparison tables can be found on our web site. This article only provides with answers on the most common questions regarding editions and their difference.

How to choose which edition better suits my needs?

This mainly depends on type of motions you're going to track, available space and role of motion capture in your pipeline. The table below summarizes information that should help you:

Edition Description Pros Cons
Express Edition
  • Works with only single depth sensor.
  • Easy to use.
  • Good for simple motions or fast prototyping.
  • Easy set-up, no calibration needed
  • Require small space, minimum space required is 7 x 4 feet ( = 2.0 x 1.2 meters)
  • Fastest tracking
Basic Edition
  • Includes all basic features needed for high accuracy mocap
  • Supports 1 or 2 depth sensors
  • Supports 3 to 6 RGB cameras
  • Best performance / price ratio
  • Compared to Exress:
    • More complex set-up, calibration is required
  • Compared to Pro:
  • Supports only 1 actor tracking
  • Less cameras supported -> more tracking errors for complex motions
  • Batch Processing is not included
Pro Edition
  • Most powerful
  • Supports 1 to 4 depth sensors
  • Supports 3 to 16 RGB cameras
  • Includes all advanced features
  • Most expensive
  • To get maximum of Pro Edition, you need at least 25 x 25 feet ( = 8 x 8 meters) space
  • Slower tracking speed due to bigger number of cameras

Which configuration do you recommend: Multiple Depth Sensors or Multiple Web Cameras or Multiple Action Cameras?

There is no straightforward answer to this question, there are pros and cons each option: Multiple Depth Sensors vs Web Cameras vs Action Cameras Comparison.

Why should I pay for Express Edition when there are cheaper solutions supporting 1 Kinect?

iPi Motion Capture uses our own markerless tracking algorithms that give much better tracking quality than standard Kinect algorithms. You will not have that awful jitter that makes motions look ridiculously unrealistic.

What is the minimum space required for capture?

For depth sensors you will need 7 by 4 feet (2.2 by 1.2 meters). For webcameras-based multi-camera system you will need 13 by 13 feet (4 by 4 meters)