Real-time Tracking for Live Preview

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Note: Feature is available in Basic and Pro editions only.


Real-time Preview feature allows to perform tracking in real-time speed and instantly transfer motion to a 3D character for live preview right at the time of recording.

This feature allows iPi Recorder to communicate to iPi Mocap Studio software in a way similar to Distributed Recording to send data necessary for tracking. iPi Mocap Studio performs tracking and motion transfer at real-time speed. Feature benefits:

  • User can see how the motion will look like on a 3D character at the time of performance.
  • Ability to improve motion accordingly at the time of acting and recording without the need to redo multiple iterations of recording and offline tracking.


The feature works like this:

  • iPi Recorder broadcasts data necessary for tracking via network.
  • iPi Mocap Studio connects to broadcasting iPi Recorder to start receiving data.
  • iPi Mocap Studio performs tracking and motion transfer to a 3D character.
  • Live tracking results can then be stored to disk for additional offline post-processing.


  • Prepare for recording as usual and click Start Broadcast button.
    Note: If you use Distributed Recording first connect to slaves and click Start Broadcast button on master computer.
  • Computer(s) will switch to Broadcasting mode. You can change network adapter used for communication in necessary.
  • To stop broadcast, you need to click Stop Broadcast button.

Realtime Preview

  • Run iPi Mocap Studio and click Live button at the toolbar to enter live mode.
  • Specify actor height at Actor tab.
  • If you use multiple sensors for recording, load scene at Scene tab.
  • (Optional) Select target character for motion tranfer at Export tab.
  • Press Connect button at Live tab.
  • Press OK button at Select Recording PCs dialog.
  • Live tracking and motion tranfer will start.
  • You can specify path and filename template to record results of live tracking. iPi Mocap Studio will record .iPiMotion file, iPi Recorder will record .iPiVideo file.
  • Press Start Recording / Stop Recording to start / stop recording .iPiVideo and .iPiMotion files.
Note: .iPiMotion and .iPiVideo files will have the same name, but path to .iPiVideo file is set in iPi Recorder].
  • Press Disconnect to stop live session

Create New Project from Live Session Results

It's as simple as this — open recorded .iPiMotion file in iPi Mocap Studio.

Tip: If .iPiVideo file resides in different directory you will be asked to find it manually.