Quick Start Guide for Multiple PS Eye Cameras Configuration

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For the Impatient

Get Hardware

  • Get the cameras (a minimum of three PlayStation Eye or Logitech C922 cameras recommended), cables, tripods, computer and a flashlight (Mini Maglite or Sony Move are recommended).
  • Get computer with DirectX 11 videocard and at least two USB 2.0 or 3.0 controllers.

For details see Cameras and Accessories.




  • Find a suitable space: not less than 13 by 13 feet (4 by 4 meters).
  • Connect cameras to a PC, using cables.
Note: Not more than two cameras can be connected through one and the same USB 2.0/3.0 controller. But some USB 3.0 controllers can handle up to four cameras simultaneously.
  • Point all cameras to the center of capture area. Actor should be fully visible in all cameras in capture area.

Record Calibration Sequence

  • For calibration, use Mini Maglite flashlight (or Sony Move motion controller) as a marker, and use iPi Recorder to record calibration video
  • Move the marker slowly through your entire capture volume (front-top-right-bottom-left-back-top-right-bottom-left). Start from top and move the marker in a descending spiral motion.
  • Touch to the floor (ground) by marker at least four different points.

Record Action Sequence

  • Actor should be dressed in a slim solid-color clothing.
    • Recommended clothing: long-sleeve shirt, blue jeans or trousers, black shoes. Deep, saturated colors are preferable.
    • Ideally, pants and shirt should be different colors.
    • Clothes colors should have good contrast with background.
  • Record video of actor's performance. Please ensure that the whole body including arms and legs is visible during the performance in both sensors. Start from a T-pose. Then goes actor’s performance.


For more details see User Guide for Multiple PS Eye Cameras Configuration.